Omg MNG (by Mango)

Ok girls, it is time for you to go to JCPenney.
I am not joking. There are some good things going
on over there these days.
And now, with this new line it is really worth
the trip. The price points are a little higher than
norm for JCPenney's - $39-159ish. The sales lady told me that 
this line is always at least 20% off.

 I picked up this shirt on sale for $40.
(sorry for the not so great photo...)
I also loved their trench ($159), you can see it in
the photo above.

 There were many other things that could have also
come home with me including both of these dresses.
So cute for all these holidays things coming up.

While you are there checking out MNG take a look
at I Heart Ronson, Allen B, Bisou Bisou, and
grab some makeup at Sephora!

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