Tone on Tone

This is one of my favorite trends right now.
These are all looks from DVF.
Perfect I think.



It's here!

Pendleton has released the Portland Collection!
I don't know about you but I have been waiting all summer
for this! These are the looks I am coveting.
Well actually all of it but these two in particular ;)
I find it odd that they carry none of it in Pendleton stores.
They are only selling at select boutiques.


mi casa

(photos by shelby brakken)

Missoni for Target??

Sept. 13!! I can't wait.
 They are also doing stuff for men.
I will be picking up this last little sweater
for my big girl too!

Sorry for my absence this whole working thing
can sure keep a girl busy.


try aqua

There are also lots of lovely accessories in aqua out there
right now if you don't want to go full body :)


what I do..

So, lately people have been asking me what I do?
And what are these working photos anyway?
I work in the costume department on television shows,
movies, commercials and print.
When I am not doing that I do personal
practice the fine art of motherhood and house keeping.
The working photos are usually pictures
I take when I am at work that I find interesting.

In my line of work I end up in a lot of very odd places.
Places that I would probably never be in otherwise, 
like a rooftop downtown at 4am.