try aqua

There are also lots of lovely accessories in aqua out there
right now if you don't want to go full body :)


what I do..

So, lately people have been asking me what I do?
And what are these working photos anyway?
I work in the costume department on television shows,
movies, commercials and print.
When I am not doing that I do personal
practice the fine art of motherhood and house keeping.
The working photos are usually pictures
I take when I am at work that I find interesting.

In my line of work I end up in a lot of very odd places.
Places that I would probably never be in otherwise, 
like a rooftop downtown at 4am.


getting their fancy on

Here are my two at a wedding a couple weeks back.

I had so much fun getting them dressed.
Of course, because I am me, it had to be 
on a budget. His jacket I found second hand and
piped it with eggplant velvet (a very good idea a smart
co-worker of mine had)!
The bow tie I made from a little tutorial
I found on the web- super easy.
I particularly like that he can only make serious faces
when he is sporting a jacket and tie.
Her dress came from Macy's and the shrug
came from the Goodwill.

Go Big

These are two of my favorite things lately.
Big and bright just the way I like them. 
The ring is from Anthropologie and the
necklace was a gift from one of my dearest friends.

 Just got back from a couple of
days of camping in the woods. It was so lovely!
Off to a job interview tomorrow.
What to wear??