Getting capey with it..

 So here it is! It came! Vintage and a little bit 70's.
I altered it... shortened quite a bit,
and arms slits sewn shut by about half.
I wish I had taken a before pic.
It originally fell about 2 inches below 
my knees. I thought that it gave it
an equestrian kind of look that I was
not going for. No offense equestrians...
Also, the arm slits were huge.
 Even though we are not in real winter
yet it was a bit too drafty for me.

Can someone please stop me from eating all my kids Halloween candy now??


Omg MNG (by Mango)

Ok girls, it is time for you to go to JCPenney.
I am not joking. There are some good things going
on over there these days.
And now, with this new line it is really worth
the trip. The price points are a little higher than
norm for JCPenney's - $39-159ish. The sales lady told me that 
this line is always at least 20% off.

 I picked up this shirt on sale for $40.
(sorry for the not so great photo...)
I also loved their trench ($159), you can see it in
the photo above.

 There were many other things that could have also
come home with me including both of these dresses.
So cute for all these holidays things coming up.

While you are there checking out MNG take a look
at I Heart Ronson, Allen B, Bisou Bisou, and
grab some makeup at Sephora!


bunny love...

I made a little trip to Anthropologie the other day.
I was there searching for mittens, which
was a total bust. I think I may have to order them online.
But, these bunnies I cannot stop thinking about esp.
the candle holder! Fabulous! 

Oh and my cape came! Yay!


Stir it up

So being a person that went to high school in the late 80's
I never ever thought you would see me in stirrups again.
NEVER! Ahh but one night I spied the cutest Japanese
girl in these and what can I say I needed them now!
Knowing full well that they didn't come from here they came from
there, where all things cute originate of course!
Sooo, I was quite happy to happen upon them at
American Apparel! and if you don't have these
shoes from the Gap already you should. They come in every color known to 
man and are comfy and inexpensive.

But seriously, as a girl I always wondered why I didn't get
to be born in Japan... so not fair!


latest obsession - capes

 I can't stop thinking about capes!
Maybe it is because they are the perfect thing
to wear this time of year. Cold in the morning
nice in the afternoon Autumn days.

This one is Stella- can you tell by its color?

I love the way they look with elbow length mittens.
There are some lovely ones at Anthropology 
right now to wear with all your camel clothing.
These are Ralph Lauren and would be great
with the black Andrew Marc above.

I just ordered a vintage one. I will
post when it arrives.



I am totally loving American Apparel nail polish.
The colors are fantastic. These are my
four favorites right now.

Pretty Blouses

I took these pics the other night on a walking date
with my husband. We are so lucky to have so many amazing
restaurants so close by.
Always tricky figuring out what shoes will keep me
from cursing by the end of the night.
I settled on my favorite gold glitter flats.
I am in love with all the pretty silk blouses this season.
I found this one at Buffalo Exchange for $15, add on
another $5 for the trip to the dry cleaners it took.
Not bad for $20!