Serious brights

Since the sun has been hiding lately, I have been
trying to wear all my brightest brights.
These shoes by Corso Como are my
most favorites.

The photos just got a lot better right?
I am so lucky to know this lady,
who is an amazing photographer and
a super cool mama who has great taste
in music by the way.
She does weddings too people.
I wish she had done mine.

Thanks Shelby!


Fur Spots

So Prada sent all these lovelies down
the runway for their spring 2011 rtw collection.
They are popping up all over
on celebs and the like.
I love how colorful they are and I think
that you could probably sew one up of
your own pretty quick.
Mine would instantly be swiped by
my 7 year old.



Lately, I can't get enough of these earrings made
by this lady. A friend gave me a pair as a gift awhile
back. They are made out of recycled skate boards.
My next move will be one of her rings for sure.
I picked up this dress for $12 at my favorite
resale shop yesterday. Exactly what I
was looking for.
Worn with bracelets from Nordstrom
Brass Plum department.

On another note, I went on a mad baking
rampage last night. Lemon bread and oatmeal peanut
butter chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.


TED love

A client of mine just sent me this.
I couldn't agree more. I particularly like
what she had to say about attachment to
things. There will always be something
fabulous to replace that thing you can't seem to
let go of.
I have done a lot of personal styling and
I see a lot of people holding on to
things. Things that don't fit, are not age
appropriate or just not flattering.
I hear a lot of "but it fits me!"
That does not necessarily mean you should wear it.
What is in your closet right now that needs to
be let go of?
If you are not sure call me and I will help you
figure it out.