Working photos

I took this one the other night inside
the convention center.
You don't really notice how cool the lights
are in there until it is empty.



At Anthropologie yesterday. Went to check
out jewlrey. So many pretties. If
only I was made of $$. I would have left
with all of these things.
This looks straw but it is actually leather.
ok this ring did come home with me.
Love this belt. A little Missoni-ish.
And what girl doesn't need one of these?
The colors were amazing.

Have a great long weekend!


Dear Zara,

I really do miss you.
I know we don't live in the same town anymore
but I sure think about you a lot.
These came from the Zara lookbooks.
I want them all.
The one above could be my summer uniform.
These hot pink trousers!
And this, those shoes.... if we were
still together you would be mine. sigh.
If anyone feels like sending them in a 9
I will love you forever.



I was really excited when I heard about
Calypso for Target!
I was there on Sunday when it hit
the stores. I have to say I was a little disappointed
in the clothes. I didn't even find anything
for my daughter- gasp!
I did bring home this Moroccan pouf.
I kind of love it mixed into our mid-century pieces.
There were some other nice household things
and some interesting bracelets.
The women's pj's were lovely if you
live somewhere warm.


Working photos

I love it when people bring their dogs to work.
This one is about half the size of one of my kitties.


Working photos

I have been working a lot lately.
This was taken the other day on my way
to the stage (straight ahead).
I love these spring days, raining, sunning, hailing.
You never know what you are going to get next.
The clouds were so beautiful.