Cover your ass

There is something I have been wondering about lately.
Since when did leggings become pants?
I see it all the time. They have become a jean replacement
for a lot of people. It troubles me.
I was at a coffee shop the other day and the
girl behind the counter was wearing black leggings
and a waist length t-shirt.
I didn't say "you should cover your ass",
but I really wanted to.
Ladies, if you wear your leggings out please
put on a skirt or tunic over them you are
not at the gym.

Oh and speaking of the gym, you should
check to see how shear they are when you are doing
yoga poses and the like.
Put your hand behind them and hold them up to the light.
Now you know why that one guy always puts his
mat behind yours in class.


wear what?

Do you know about this yet??
This is Wearcast. An app for your phone
that tells you what to wear for the weather outside!
How great is that? I am obsessed with the
weather and I am always wondering which
coat to wear, this app gives you a lovely pic
of what you should be wearing!
And the sensitivity dial??


I wants

Every year towards the end of February I start
longing for summer dresses. It becomes a fixation.
Last year I picked up a dress in LA in March and
wasn't able to wear it here until July... and
when I did a woman came up to me and said
"You have been waiting a long time to wear that
one haven't you". How did she know??
Anyways, I usually don't ever find anything here
(but sheets and shoes for my daughter)
but I can't get this dress off my mind.
I wants...


How do I love thee?

This lady! Here she is in a H&M dress!
I can't get over her pops of color.
Michelle Obama is the new Jackie O
in my eyes. I love how she wears things
often that the average american woman can.
Finally, a first lady to watch!



As I mentioned I love these two colors
together. I happened upon this
in the latest J.Crew catalog.



So perfectly summery and beautiful.
What I wish I was wearing if it wasn't
so darn cold out!
(photo from W magazine)


Spring dreams

 Lanvin Spring 2010 RTW!
The whole show was amazing. 
I love this dress!
But the hair
in this show was so good too. 
 These are my two most favorite colors
together for this season. Coral and sand.
So pretty. I also am loving a little coral and 
green together.
But this hair is my favorite by far!
It looks like soft serve.
If my locks were longer I would
be sporting this do for sure.


If you go to Brazil...

Can you bring me a lifetime supply of this?
 This is my new most favorite thing. Which I happened
upon here. Coffee soda! What could be better
And if you live here in Portland you must go to this
here I am mentioning... sooooo good! 
Great food and cocktails too ;)
If you know where I can get this lovely coffee
soda yumminess in town please let me know.

(the restaurant pic is taken from Tasty and Sons website)