More bliss...

So, one of my favorite people sent me this necklace!
I love it so much but I am being extra careful not 
to let my 7 year old steal it!
The colors are like candy- I kinda
want to eat it!

She also sent these beautiful Missoni socks
that can go all the way up to your business if 
you want them to. I love that they have just
a bit of sparkle.

Lastly, another lovely lady gave me this
and on my it is so good I can hardly believe it!!
This is definitely my new favorite bar.


Birthday Bliss

I recently celebrated a birthday.
These are a few of the things that I received.
I have been meaning to post about this 
amazing poncho/sweater dress.
My sister and I discovered it at a little
vintage boutique in San Francisco.
It is 70's and in excellent condition but
it was a bit pricey. 
We walked away without it- not really sure why?-
but quickly decided we must go back to get it.
My sis and I split the cost as her birthday/xmas gift 
to me. Seriously, how lucky am I?

The flowers and bunny
 (which I posted about not too long ago)
were sweet gifts from my sweet husband.


My Smalls

So you know I love to sew right? And that
I have two small people?
I recently took this class here.
I now have a new friend Shelley who is a whole lot of fun
and very talented and has a book coming out soon!
I also made this super cute dress for my daughter and tee for my son.
Is it possible to become addicted to making tees?