Happy Mamas

Last night I was invited to be a wardrobe
consultant at an event geared towards mamas
put on by a friend of mine. There were so many
ladies doing amazing things there- everything
from hair and facials to life coach and
tarot card readers. I am dying to get
my cards read but can't seem to fit it in time wise yet.

Here I am in front of my goods.
I whipped up this dress to wear
from some of my loot from that fabric sale a
few posts back. Total cost for this dress $5.
Not including the belt that has
been in my closet for some time.
I am excited about helping some of these
nice ladies with their closets.


These shoes...

I picked up these pretties last
night for $11 at Payless.
Yep, I did just say $11.
I think they are a nice flip flop alternative.
Payless has a couple of
high end designers doing some things for them
for awhile now.
My favorite is the Lela Rose line but these
are Christian Siriano- remember him from
Project Runway a couple of seasons back?
Always check your local store as they seem
to carry different stuff than they do online.


I know it is early but....

The new fall look book is out for JCrew.
This is my favorite look.
I would wear it in its entirety- minus
one hat.
Almost makes the fact that fall
is around the corner not so sad.



So after looking for caftan patterns
at all my local shops and finding nothing,
I moved on to Etsy.
Really one of the best places to pick
up vintage patterns besides Ebay.
I like Etsy better because sometimes the
whole bidding process can turn me into a
crazy person.

I bought this fabric awhile back
and it is exactly what I needed for this
project. I am really happy with it and try
to ignore these comments "Hi 60's lady!",
"Did you just come from the pool?"
when I wear it about town.


I picked up these pretties at a fabulous sale
the other night at this place.
The stripes are all wool for $7 a yard!
Some beige linen, my favorite with charms
print and some baby whale cord for
stuff for my little people.

Here is a close up of the charm print- soo
cute! I am thinking some sort of flutter sleeve dress.
If you live in town go visit Modern Domestic.
My husband calls it the crafty girls club house but boys are
allowed too :).


This makes me laugh

This is one of my very dearest friends
wearing a dress I made last summer.
It makes me really happy to see her
rocking this while on location in NY!
It has also made me think, perhaps
I need to make another one for me.

This bag has changed my life...

I am not a backpack girl.
I don't really care very much for them but
there are times when life calls for them.
For instance, the gym or a hike with the kids.
I recently became an owner of this one from
I am in love! Soooo many pockets, one for everything,
even one for my yoga mat!
And the best part is I am no longer using my
husbands old LLBean backpack from college....
seriously, yuck.