So, while I was in New York we went to one of
my favorite stores, ABC Carpet and Home.
Beautiful things everywhere, everywhere.
I swear it took us like 4 hrs to get through all 6 floors!
We had the pleasure of meeting this lady
who asked if she could take some pics for her lovely blog.
The other two pics in her post are
my girlfriends.

Thanks MK, I am so flattered!

(photo from oddly charming)

Little Purses

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to
go to New York all by myself for 4 days!
Not an easy thing to do with 2 little ones
at home. I met two of my dearest friends
there for days of eating, shopping
and one very special birthday.

One of the things I noticed in the shops
was a smaller over the shoulder bag.
A necessity if you live in New York.
I usually associate smaller with evening.
I have been carrying this giant bag
for a little while now. I love it but there
are times when I don't need something so big.

It is nice to have a smaller day time option.

(images from People.com)


Are your feet stately?

Many ladies that I love have feet that are above average in size.
Including my very own mother who is an 11 or 12!
I recently stumbled across this lovely online store and blog that
I think you lovelies should know about.

(image from Barefoot Tess)



I fell in love with these owls in the
dressing room at Urban Outfitters the other day.

These little owls fit in just right with
the girl scout look that I am favoring for fall.
Can't you just imagine my green sash
with all the badges on it with it?-just kidding
I don't have it anymore....

How funny that the necklace I wore in
matches them perfectly.